My great-grandmother had bound feet. When I was a teenager, I was shocked to learn this. Just at the time that I was gaining independence and finding my voice as a young woman, it was hard to reconcile that just a few generations ago, my grandmother had spent a lifetime purposefully bound by her family in the name of honor, status, respect, and privilege.


As for you, living your life with intention, guided by your own passions and interests, and feeling confident and free is possible.



And what are you willing to do to create lasting change?


Alchemy Sessions

Our Alchemy Sessions™ combine ritual, inner quiet, reflection, and guided facilitation to clarify your vision for your personal or professional life. Starting with a healing, intuitive reading and deep tissue bodywork in the morning, we revive your spirit and clear blocks that may be holding you back. The daylong also features a strategy coaching session that connects your heart with the life you want to live.

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We offer individual and group coaching from Embodied Leadership™ and Gallup Strengthfinders™ trained coaches. Whether you’re seeking a career or life transition, or want leadership or business coaching, our approach is intuitive, strategic, action-based, and customized to who you are and your unique approach to living your life and getting things that matter to you accomplished.

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Retreats & Workshops

Ready for corporate, nonprofit or K-12 school settings, our active, interactive workshops improve these vital aspects of teamwork: communication, creativity, collaboration, and culture. From diversity & inclusion trainings to communication and emotional intelligence workshops, to hands-on creativity playdates, we provide a customized program to promote a deeper sense of belonging for your workplace.

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Our Practice

Mind, body, and soul. Unconditional confidence in your intuition, your choices, and your leadership. Who are you and what is your purpose?


Life is about growth and exploration, not achieving a fixed state of balance. You have a very limited time on earth to experience all that you can. Figuring out how to squeeze the most out of your family, work, and spirituality is your life's purpose. Go do it.

—Mel Robbins, motivational speaker


Are You Ready?

If you’re ready to change how you’re living your life, and want to bring more clarity, ownership, and purpose to what you do, we’ve been waiting for you.